The application form for UMUK 2018 contains all the information necessary for you to apply for an invitation to participate in this unique event.


The selection of invitees will be based upon the experience, qualifications and criteria met for each applicant. It is required that the applicant will have completed at least one iron distance race within the previous 18 months of the event being applied for. Other ultra-distance events are also considered as qualifiers assuming they have distances equal to or better than iron distances. Other solo ultra-distance events are considered if it is deemed they require the planning and training that would be of benefit to the athlete doing UMUK.


Applications received will be reviewed and a decision made as to which applicant shall be issued an invitation. The information that is provided with the application will be crucial. Special emphasis will be placed on the applicant’s endurance activities to date and their ability to finish all three stages. The Application Review Committee’s decision is final as to which applicants will receive an invitation.


Entry will be by invitation only.


Due to the length and nature of the event, it is mandatory that a support team of at least two (2) adult persons and no more than one vehicle accompany each competitor throughout the complete bike and run stages of the event. During the swim stage the participant is allowed a maximum of two (2) adult members of the team to provide support from the lakeside jetty. The team member who is designated Team Captain will act as the official spokesperson for the athlete and team during the event and will be required to attend the pre-event briefing (other members are also encouraged to attend). The support team must be able to communicate with the race organisers in English. It is the responsibility of the competitor to cover ALL the expenses of the support team members unless otherwise previously agreed between them.


The swim will be 5 laps of 2km. The water temperature at the starting point on race morning has previously been between 12 and 15 Celsius. Wetsuits are mandatory. We recommend wearing neoprene socks and cap if the water temperature is low. Non-webbed gloves are permitted during the swim. There will be safety kayak support and a motor boat along the course. Please read UMUK Rules & Regulations and General Guidelines in full before sending your application.


The bike and run courses are NOT closed courses and are open to ordinary traffic. All road traffic regulations (The Highway Code) must be strictly observed at all times. Please read UMUK Rules & Regulations and General Guidelines in full before sending your application.

Snowdonia National Park is a beautiful place and UMUK would like to keep it that way. You will be automatically disqualified if you and/or your support crew are caught deliberately littering at any stage during the race.

ENTRY FEE – £450

The entry fee is an all inclusive price for staging the event. The entry fee includes: pre-event briefing refreshments, 2 x support team t-shirts, 1 x finisher’s t-shirt and medal for the athlete, First Aid medical support, bike mechanic and assistance at start and finish line. The entry fee does NOT INCLUDE the following: accommodation, transportation to and from the race venue, meals, nutritional needs, race supplies, vehicle rental or medical support additional to 1st Aid (e.g. hospital treatment). UMUK Rules & Regulations and General Guidelines strongly recommend suitable personal accident insurance cover.

All fees are stated and charged in Pounds Sterling. Your bank will charge your account in accordance with its own policies with regard to foreign exchange if you are a non-United Kingdom resident.

You will be notified via e-mail as to the status of your application. Payment of fees will be required by bank transfer on receiving the official invitation e-mail. The Refund & Withdrawal policy will take effect starting from the time we receive your payment.


Deadline for withdrawal with a refund is 29th April of the event year. An administration charge of £150 will be deducted from all fees paid to date. Withdrawals must be received by email to info@racingquest.co.uk and will be acknowledged by return email. Withdrawals received after 29th April of the event year WILL NOT receive a refund.


This event offers the well-trained and committed individual one of the greatest endurance challenges. Before sending in your application, however, do not overlook (1) the need for proper care and training of your team members – you cannot and will not make it without them, and (2) the considerable financial and personal commitment needed to successfully participate.

Remember, too, that unless you have adequately planned and are sufficiently trained your ability to finish will not be good. Be advised that interest in this event has increased and delaying your application may result in non‑acceptance. With these things in mind, it will be a pleasure to receive your application.


31st December 2017 Submission of application deadline.
7th January 2018 Official invitation e-mails will be issued to successful applicant.
25th February 2018 Confirmation of acceptance and Payments deadline.
29th April 2018 Withdrawal refund deadline.
30th August 2018 Participant registration (10.00h – 18.00h) and Pre-event briefing (19.00h – 20.00h)
31st August 2018 UMUK starts!

1. Please read thoroughly the Application Form, UMUK Rules & Regulations and Guidelines.
2. E-mail a recent headshot or passport photo.
3. Answer all questions in the spaces provided. Be concise, relevant, and complete.
4. Sign and date in the spaces provided. Return completed application to info@racingquest.co.uk


– Before e-mailing, be sure the application is completely filled out and signed.
– Incomplete applications will be returned.
– Applications received after 31st December 2017 will only be considered if a space becomes available.