The 2018 Swim Quest will take place in the beautiful Bala Lake (Llyn Tegid).

Date:  Friday 31st August 2018

Distance: 10km (6.2miles)
Location:  Bala Lake, Gwynedd LL23 7SR (Bala Adventure and Watersports).
Parking:  Pay and display parking is available at the location.
Toilets:  Toilets will be available at the location. No showers available.
Food & Drinks: Loch Café Bala has offered to open from 6am. However, we strongly suggest to bring your own food and drinks.

0530h Swim check in
0615h Swim Briefings
0630h Warm up
0700h START
1300h Swim cut off

Entry fees:  £35 (There will be no entry on race day).


The swim will consist of 5 laps of 2km. The water temperature at the starting point on race morning has previously been between 12 and 15 Celsius. We recommend wearing neoprene socks and cap if the water temperature is low. Non-webbed gloves are permitted during the swim. Wetsuits are mandatory. There will be safety kayak and a motor boat support along the course.

Please read Rules & Regulations (see below) in full before sending your application. Applicants will be selected according to their experience and qualifications.

Rules & Regulations

1. Athletes must check in with designated event officials no later than 45 minutes before the start of the swim. Each athlete will require to sign the Acknowledgement, Waiver & Release from Liability (AWRL) form during registration. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in automatic disqualification.
2. No fins, paddles, snorkels or other artificial propulsion and/or flotation devices, except tow floats, are permitted. 
3. Full body wetsuits are mandatory.
4. Goggles may be used.
5. Participant may receive food or drink from event officials (if unsupported) or their support crew, from the jetty. Food and drink must be provided by the participant. If supported, each team member, whilst providing support to their participants, must wear a yellow high visibility vest or jacket at all times.
6. Participant may not receive forward motion or an unfair advantage from any person or craft. This includes drafting off another swimmer.
7. Unofficial swimmers are not allowed on the course and will be removed by event officials.
8. In an emergency, any participant needing assistance should lay on their back and wave an arm overhead as a signal for help.
9. For safety reasons, the cut off time will be 6 hours.

Support Team (if applicable)

1. Any team member whose participant drops out during the swim must IMMEDIATELY inform the event officials.
2. No team member may interfere with or obstruct another team or participant, or cause any public inconvenience.
3. Event officials assume no responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of any participant and/or support team member while they are participating during the swim. If a situation or emergency should arise which requires care or attention by medical personnel, the support team should transport the person affected to the nearest medical facility, call 999, or call official personnel to request help if transport is not possible or advisable.

Please sign, date and return completed APPLICATION FORM to info@racingquest.co.uk