This is your official Guidelines manual for UMUK. It contains all the information necessary for you to apply for an invitation to participate in this unique event.


Since the use of support teams is required throughout, aid stations will not be provided to participants by event officials. Limited toilet facilities will be available at the start and finish lines of each stage.


At the beginning and end of each stage or segment thereof, each participant and team captain must check in with the event Registrar who will be located adjacent to the respective start/finish lines. Failure to follow this procedure may preclude further present or future participation in the event.


If conditions develop prior to or during the event which necessitate a change in plans, the following action(s), in order of severity, will be taken: (1) postponement, (2) course modification, (3) cancellation. If it will be unsafe to conduct the swim as scheduled, this portion of Stage 1 may be postponed until the morning following the end of Stage 3. There will be no refunds as a result of postponement, modification or cancellation of the event or any portion thereof.


The sole responsibility for following the prescribed course rests with each participant and crew. No time credits or adjustment to finishing results shall be made for participants who fail to follow the proper course for any reason whatsoever. Time penalties or disqualification may result from failure to follow the proper course. Detailed course descriptions and route maps will be made available to each participant and support team.


No provision for payment of retail items by credit card will be available before, during or after the event. It is suggested that you make plans to have sufficient cash available to pay for costs complementary to the event (i.e event merchandise, massage therapist, bike mechanic, etc).


For safety reasons, the following cut-off times have been established:
Swim = 6 hours
Stages 1, 2, 3 = 12 hours each  (Total = 36 hours).

Any participant who does not reach the designated finish line before a cut-off time will be disqualified and may be requested to leave the course at that point; however, he/she may be allowed to continue unofficially in the next stage. Only those participants who have made each day’s 12 hour cut-off and completed all portions of the course will be designated finishers. Only finishers will be eligible to receive any finisher awards. Cut-off times may be modified if course conditions warrant.


Participants not making a cut-off or not beginning and finishing any portion of any stage will be automatically disqualified. Participants or team members not adhering to the regulations and guidelines of the event are also subject to disqualification. Disqualified persons may be allowed to continue unofficially in the event, depending on the nature of the infraction, but none will be eligible to receive any finisher award. Those allowed to continue do so at their own risk.


Stage 1 (Day 1): 10.0 km (6.2 mile) swim in Bala Lake consisting of 5 x 2km loops. The swim is immediately followed by a one loop (to the west) 144.9 km (90.0 mile) bike ride beginning at Bala Adventure and Watersports Centre situated at the North-West corner of Bala Lake and finishing in Betws-y-Coed.
Stage 2 (Day 2): One loop (to the south) 275.3 km (171.4 mile) bike ride beginning and finishing in Betws-y-Coed.
Stage 3 (Day 3): Mt. Snowdon is central to the 84.3 km (52.4 mile) double-marathon run course. Day 3 begins & ends in Betws-y-Coed.

All distances are approximate and subject to modification (see course description section for further details).


This is an individual endurance event; therefore, drafting of any type during any portion of any stage (including the swim) is prohibited by any participant.


Filming of the event will not be permitted for commercial use unless prior written authorisation is obtained from event officials. Such authorisation may be withheld if the filming is in conflict with the granting of other film rights. Filming by drone will not be permitted under any circumstances.


The event does not provide individual medical insurance for participants nor is this responsibility or liability assumed by UMUK event officials. If you are a non-UK resident and involved in an accident that requires medical attention you will be charged for hospital visits, ambulances, tests, treatments, doctors’ fees and supplies, etc. Therefore, it is advise that Non-UK participants obtain additional travel and medical insurance before travelling to the event. If you are an EU national, we recommend that you bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). For your own protection we strongly advise that you verify your insurance will cover you while outside of your normal country of residence and while competing in UMUK. Evidence of insurance coverage will be required as part of the registration process.


Each participant must be able to either (1) speak and understand English or (2) provide a team member who can act as a translator between the participant, other team members, and event officials. All team captains must be able to speak and understand English.


Entry will be by invitation only.


Medical support will not be provided to athletes by event officials. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of each support team to provide and/or seek professional help should the need arise. Emergency medical contacts and information will be provided to each support team.


For safety reasons, certain short portions of the course will be designated No-Feed zones. These are areas where the support team is not allowed to provide aid to the participant. Only in case of an emergency will support be permitted to stop in these designated zones.


Swim: each swim hat will be numbered.
Bike: Each participant will be given two numbers; one to be worn on their lower back each day, and a frame number to be placed on the bike frame.
Run: Each participant will be given one number to be worn on their front.
Teams: Each team captain will be given two numbers to be affixed to the outside lower left of the front and back windshields of the team vehicle.

Numbers identify official participants and teams. As such, they must be clearly visible at all times, and worn as directed by event officials. No alteration of any numbers is permitted.


Pacing among official participants is allowed only during Stage 3 and then only under the following conditions: (a) a participant may be paced by only one designated non-participant at a time, and (b) all pacers must be on foot while pacing. Pacing with any wheeled vehicle (whether motorised or not) is not permitted during any portion of the event.


Since parking will be limited in all staging areas and at start and finish lines; support crews, spectator and any other third party should plan accordingly. In every case, all event-related vehicles must be parked legally and safely off any road and in such a manner that does not obstruct the normal flow of traffic or create a hazard to anyone.


Specific penalties will be levied for infractions and/or misconduct. Such penalties will normally consist of time penalties assessed against the participant at the end of each stage, with immediate disqualification occurring for major misconduct and/or infractions.

The time penalties for UMUK races consist of 30 minutes for the 1st infraction and a further 60 minutes for the 2nd infraction. The third penalty equals disqualification from the event. These penalties are cumulative for all three days. The Race Director has the authority, at any time, to overrule any rule or invent a new rule based on extenuating, unforeseen, and/or unusual circumstances and/or to maintain the integrity and fair play necessary for the successful completion, and continuation of the race. The Race Director has ultimate authority in regards to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement. All entrants in the race, and their support crews, willingly acknowledge this fact, as well as all other race rules by attending the race in any capacity.


It is strongly suggested that all personal property be adequately and indelibly identified with the owner’s name and event number prior to the start of Stage 1. Event officials assume no responsibility for the theft, loss, or destruction of any personal property of any participant or support team member.


The absolute necessity of proper planning cannot be emphasised enough. In addition to making the necessary travel plans, it is crucial that each participant properly inform, train, organise and prepare each team member. This includes providing them with copies of pertinent event information and also keeping them updated on any changes. Waiting to accomplish this on the day before the event is not advisable. First time participants are recommended to (a) plan to drive the entire course before registering, and (b) Participants who are utilising local residents as team members are urged to be in contact with them as early as possible to make all the necessary arrangements, including transport, accommodation, and food. No one will be permitted to begin any stage without a complete team and the required equipment.


No participant will be permitted to use fins, paddles, snorkels, or any flotation device (except as noted) during the swim. No participant may use any device that (1) interferes with normal hearing (headsets, etc) or (2) provides any independent means of forward motion. No team may utilise more than one support vehicle, and such vehicle may not exceed six (6) feet in width (campers, large vans and trucks, etc. are prohibited). No participant or team member may use any illegal or otherwise banned substance at any time during any portion of the event. The event is to be drug-free throughout.


The team captain will be the person responsible for submitting any official protest on behalf of the participant and/or team member(s) as the result of misconduct by another participant and/or team. Such protest must be in writing and filed within 30 minutes following the withdrawal of the participant or his/her completion of the stage in which the incident is alleged, whichever occurs first.


Deadline for withdrawal with a refund is April 1st of the event year. An administration charge of £150 will be deducted from all fees paid to date. Withdrawals received at the UMUK Office after April 1st of the event year WILL NOT receive a refund.


Registration will be on Thursday 30th August 2018 between 10.00h and 18.00h and all invitees wishing to participate must register in person on that day. Each invitee is required to present an official form of identification (i.e. photo driving licence, passport) and to complete information about his/her team, including: names, contact information, vehicle model/make/license number and a signed copy of the Acknowledgement, Waiver & Release from Liability (AWRL) form from each crew member. Materials will only be issued to those completing the registration process, and only those persons will be allowed to participate and crew during the event.


Certain areas of the course will have restricted access. These areas will be designated at all start and finish lines and the swim-bike transition, as well as the No-Feed zones. Other areas may be included, so it is important that the directions of event officials be followed carefully and graciously.


SAFETY IS THE PRIMARY CONCERN and support teams are required throughout. However, this event is extremely strenuous and requires tremendous individual endurance and stamina. The risk of accident, injury, sickness, and even death, may be present throughout all three stages. Proper training, well-maintained and appropriate equipment, good judgement, respect, common sense and courtesy will be crucial in making this a safe and successful event. If an emergency situation necessitates or causes a rule infraction, event officials may make allowances in the interest of promoting safety.


Participants will be required to wear/utilise the following special equipment: swim caps and numbers as provided by event officials, a properly fastened hard-shell helmet that meets or exceeds ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078. Note that a CE mark is not an approved standard. Lights might be required on bicycles due to the early sunsets in early September or weather conditions.


At two minutes, one minute, and 30 seconds prior to the start of each stage, announcements to that effect will be made. 10 seconds prior to the start, a countdown will begin. A starting signal will then be given. Prompt starts are a tradition and will be adhered to. It is each participant’s responsibility to be ready to start at the designated times. No time allowance will be made for anyone not starting as scheduled.


Storage of participant’s event-related equipment is the responsibility of each participant and team captain. Provision for storage by event officials, before, during, or after the event will not be made.


Due to the length and nature of the event, it is mandatory that a support team of at least two (2) adult persons and NO MORE THAN ONE vehicle accompany each participant throughout all stages of the event. No one will be allowed to participate without having this team. Each participant is responsible for securing, organising, and training this team. Each team member will be required to (a) provide his/her name, address, and phone number and (b) sign the Acknowledgement, Waiver & Release from Liability (AWRL) form. In addition to these two requirements, the team member who is designated team captain will act as the official spokesperson for the participant and team and will be required to attend the pre-event briefing (other members are also encouraged to attend). For safety and simplicity, no support team or any team member may utilise a non-motorised wheeled vehicle (including a bicycle) except in an emergency.


Each participant must arrange and pay for an automobile to be used as a team vehicle throughout the event. Such vehicle may not be wider than six (6) feet but must be large enough to accommodate all equipment, team members, the participant, and his/her needs. For safety reasons, the use of campers, large vans, and trucks is prohibited. No team may have more than one vehicle on the course at a time.


For a participant who needs a complete support team or additional team members, some assistance may be available from the UMUK community. Such assistance may only be available if advance arrangements are made by contacting the Event Director directly by email:


Although this event will be one of individual endurance, no one would be able to finish it without the cooperation inherent in good teamwork. Each support team will be required to provide for their participant’s needs and must not hinder or interfere with another team or person at any time. On the other hand, the underlying philosophy of this event is to encourage and promote the spirit of camaraderie with respect for all. Therefore, honesty, good judgement and sportsmanlike conduct are all integral parts of the event and will be expected of everyone at all times.

Without the support team no participant will be able to compete or continue to compete in the event in the case of a support team abandoning the race. No participant or support team member shall mistreat or abuse either physically, verbally or mentally anyone connected to the event. No participant is to ask any member of any support team to take any action that would contravene the Rules and Regulations, Guidelines or the Spirit of Competition of UMUK and will be immediately disqualified and not allowed to continue if they pursue such behaviour.


The event name and logos are registered marks which may not be used or reproduced in any manner without prior written consent from the Racing Quest (UK) Limited.


All travel arrangements, accommodations and meals are the responsibility of each participant. It is important that plans for travel and accommodations be made well in advance of arrival in Wales, as the event might take place during a peak holiday period.


Protective suits, such as tri, body, and wetsuits, including those containing neoprene, will be permitted to be used during the swim to protect against exposure and marine organisms.

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