Racing Quest (UK) Limited is an events management team that is dedicated to providing the athlete with a truly memorable experience.

Racing Quest organises UMUK, an extreme ultra-distance triathlon event, held in the beautiful Snowdonia National Park in the mountainous region of North-West Wales.  Large proportions of this dazzling national park are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest, National Nature Reserves, Special Areas of Conservation or Special Protection Areas. By competing in UMUK you will be racing in one of the most unspoilt areas in the UK.

UMUK has attracted athletes from around the world and is widely considered one of the toughest ultra-distance staged triathlons in the world due to its + 22,800 feet (6950m) of ascent, with both long gradual and short but brutally steep climbs.

The race is by invitation only. Competing in UMUK is an enormous undertaking which requires a huge amount of dedication and determination. Therefore, applicants must meet certain criteria and the selection of invitees will be based upon the experience and qualifications of each applicant. In addition, each racer must be accompanied by an individual support team of at least two people over the entire course.

UMUK will be held between 30th August – 2nd September 2018.

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